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DNS Management

DNS management is a service which allows domain owners to manage their DNS records. This way we can specify the servers to which the different services offered by their hosts will be pointing and automatically transfer the dns record from one to another. Our domain name management services consolidate and centralize domain name portfolios and security protocols to expedite the effective management of domain -portfolio. We are experts in Corporate Domain Management and in helping you to control, protect, manage and monitor your digital presence, domain name portfolio and online branding globally.

dns name management

Domain Management

A company’s online identity can be one of its most valuable assets in the digital world today. With our Corporate Domain Management service, we help you control, protect and manage your domain names – often referred to as the online equivalent of your trademark. We ensure that your DNS providers are properly assessed to eliminate risk. There is a lot of cybercrime and other forms of brand attacks that may interfere with your business’s online existence but the good news is that we have a proper system for monitoring and managing your DNS provider.

Protect Brand Name Online

Securing and protecting new domain names is an important step in the creation and maintenance of brand value, especially as the domain world becomes increasingly complex. Predators Network delivers a broad portfolio of domain name services that support the registration, renewal, and protection of these vital assets. Our Domain Management Solutions enable brand owners and legal teams to centralize and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection. We simplify domain name management to give you a clear view of your portfolio.

dns management

Benefits of Dns Management

Know More About DNS Management :

DNS management is known as the process and activities that involve administering and managing the Domain Name System (DNS) for one specific domain name or for a group of domains. For illustration, it can refer to tasks like creating and modifying different DNS records, managing DNS zones, adding or removing nameservers, and others. Your domain is the online address that allows your customers to find your website. It can however be too much work for you to handle your domain needs and efficiently run the business as well. We offer expert Domain management services such as domain registration and renewal.

DNS management is a service, which allows domain owners to manage their DNS records. DNS management is so important due to the fact it provides you with the ability to control and manage how your domain name resolves DNS resolution. As you may know, this process happens behind the scenes, yet it is crucial for your domain name’s reachability and availability.

A DNS zone is a logical space with your resources domain names. You manage their hierarchy and route users DNS queries while granting or denying them access to data. One option is to build demo VMs in the testing zone and primary VMs in the production zone.

Relatively simple, a DNS system converts human-readable website names into computer-readable IP addresses. For instance, when you type in "" into your web browser, DNS servers return the IP address of that website's server so your browser can connect to it. Normally, each domain name needs at least two DNS records: an A record and an NS record. The A record points the domain name (or subdomain) to an IP address. The NS record tells DNS servers which server is authoritative for that domain name.

Custom nameservers are simply DNS servers that you configure yourself. You can run them on your own server or you can use a third-party DNS service. To use custom nameservers, you will need to set the nameservers for your domain to the DNS servers that you want to use. This is usually done via your domain registrar's control panel.

Managed DNS is a service fully managed by a professional web hosting company. A Managed DNS Provider allows users to manage their DNS traffic by using a web-based control panel. Our mission is to provide the best DNS services to our clients. Integrated domain and DNS management enhances security, control and efficiency. We managed and control over their DNS records updated on behalf of organizations. We ensure that your websites, applications and business operations are available all over the world, at all times. We support the full lifecycle of domain management needs including Domain Registration, Domain Transfers, Auction & Brokering, Domain Renewal, DNS Security, SSL Management, Uptime Monitoring and more. Our Domain Management services give you the power of cutting-edge hosting, industry-recognized security, and the assurance of 24/7 support.

  Consistent Performance Authoritative DNS.
  100 % Uptime for DNS resolution.
  Built-In DNS Security.
  Advanced Traffic Management.
  Globally Load Balanced Distributed Anycasted Network.
  Realtime DNS Query Analytics.
  Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks.
  Instant domain record propagation.
  Improved website reliability and speed.
  Reduced risk with domain registration transfers.
  Cloud Based Infrastructure.