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Legal & Finance Services

Legal & Finance is essential aspects for industry when managing legal and finance regulatory environment with developing innovative strategies that carry long term value is now essential. We helps startup and companies to manage their business easily. Advices and executes complex matters strategically for both finance and legal transactions. Operate your Business at peak efficiency with better document management, team collaboration, and reporting capabilities that come together to deliver both guidance and engagement for your clients.

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Dealing with Legal Matters

Setting up a company is one of the highly recommended way to start a business. The company offers limited liablity for its shareholders with certain restrictions placed on ownership. For every startup need a viable legal advice and committed legal representation. We help able to establish its identity outside its origins, dealing with significant depth in complex domestic and international matters.

Simplified Finance for Business

As a startup ourselves, we knows all too well that building a business demands more time than you have. You’re expending your energy in countless directions, sometimes spreading yourself too thin. Finance is one area, however, where you can’t afford to do so. Whether your goal is to secure the next round of funding, sell your company or generate profit, we have a team of heavy hitters whose services you can scale up and down based on your needs or whose talent you can utilize to full capacity.

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Benefit of Legal & Finance Service

Know More About Legal & Finance Services :

India is always a place for multiple opportunities for numerous firms to nourish, with a vast possible consumer base of more than 1.4 Billion. To begin with any business venture in India, it is necessary to comply with Indian laws & all legal requirements for Indian Company registration. We help the legal & finance function shape their future. The pursuit of digital transformation and innovative business models challenge the heavily regulated financial services industry. Our Law teams combine the know-how of various practice areas and industry sectors. We ensure the right blend of key elements for a successful business transformation – people, process and technology. We Offer Services like Company Registration, LLP, Sole Proprietorship, Tax Registration and Financial Services for Business.

Starting a business in India, these are the following types of business entities available:

  Private Limited Company
  OPC Company
  Limited Liability Partnership
  Partnership Registration
  Public Limited Company
  Sec 8 – Non Profit Company

Some following mandatory annual compliances need to be followed by a company after the incorporation.

  Annual tax return
  Filing Annual returns
  Must maintain books of loss and profit properly
  Mandatory maintenance of minutes of board meetings
  Must file mandatory Disclosure of interest by directors with RoC
  Issuance of share certificate within 2 months of company registration
  Must appoint the first auditor within 30 days of incorporation of the Company.

The most preferred business structures for a startup are Private Limited companies and LLPs. A Private Limited company is legally recognized and generally favoured by investors. However, it has stricter compliance and may have a higher cost of incorporation. Registering a company offers many advantages. A registered company shows genuineness and authenticity, which earns the trust of both the investors and the customers. Other benefits have been mentioned below:

  Legal Identity or recognition of the company.
  Numerous Tax Benefits.
  Get investment or funding for your company.
  Your liability as a person is limited.
  Increase brand image and developed trust factor.
  Protection from personal liability and shields from other risks and losses.
  Gets bank credits and good investment from regular investors with ease.
  Gives liability protection to preserve your company’s assets.
  More comprehensive capital contribution and higher stability.

Some of the Few Registration Required for Company for Statutory compliance but not mandatory:
  GST Registration
  Startup Registration
  MSME Registration
  NSIC Registration
  ESIC Registration
  DRUG License
  Shop and Establishment Registration
  PAN Card & Tan Registration
  EPF Registration
  FSSAI Registration
  GEM Registration

Yes, foreigners are allowed to set up business in the jurisdiction and have 100% foreign ownership of their company. Even though these companies must have at least one resident Indian director, it is still the fastest way to enter the Indian market. Satisfying this resident director requirement is easy since We provide nominee director services for our International clients looking to set up company in India & carry out foreign business in the country.